The New Age of Custom Design

Always, when you buy a product, you would have liked a lot of features in it but there might some small changes that you may like like a color change or spec change to make it the complete gadget you ever wanted. But since it is a product bought on the store, we cannot have those changes and we end up living with that unsatisfied custom change.
Well, now companies are realizing that and they are providing customers with the custom design approach to their products.

The first one to be successful in this is Nike, which allowd to custom design the shoes.
Nike had launched it some time back and it had gained wide traction among its consumers who got to change the color or shoe lace, etc for a small up-price.

Motorola had launched a similar web app wherein we can change or modify specs of the phone. Moto Maker is their web app which helps to customize mobiles and smart watches of motorola based on the color, memory, front and back looks, etc.

Now new in this custom design is XBOX with its new Xbox Design labs.

Now, Xbox controllers were being custom made by few sites like Evil and few others who modded the controllers and provided whacky design and color to the controllers. Now Microsoft has decided to add its own version where customers can now modify colors of its GamePad, buttons, front and back.


Compared to other custom mades, this one is only looking at color and graphic looks with an up price of 20$ extra per controller. Shipping is scheduled to be from September this year.

I expect Microsoft to work more on the console too other than the controller. BTW, I myself have a custom made CALL OF DUTY graphic designed original XBox One 1Tb console. the console also has the Advanced Warfare graphic which was well received. This meanwhile is a good step in reaching out to consumers for the design and experience.

More about games coming soon… Meanwhile Game On!!

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