IoT Agro Farming

Smart Farming

Farming and Agriculture is the backbone of Indian and for that matter any countries Economy. It is the main source of food and nutrients for the major Ecosystem and Ecology altogether. But with the increasing population, Economic and Civil unrest, pollution, global warming, etc, the farming and agriculture is facing a huge task. To cater to billions of people.

The main future course is that The world will need to produce 70% more food in 2050 than it did in 2006 in order to feed the growing population of the Earth, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. To meet this demand, farmers and agricultural companies are turning to the Internet of Things for analytics and greater production capabilities.

Internet of Things is the main barrier breaker which is going to bring tech giants closer to farmers. Till now, any industry that have come close to helping farmers are the movers industry who build huge machines like sowing, rowing, tractors and vehicles which help them with movement of raw materials and produce.

  1. In 2015, Lot of investments have been done in companies and startups which are working towards farming and smart agriculture. The details on the investment does suggest that the tech giants are turning towards Agriculture.

The Internet of Things helps in going into the farming or help farmers in the way they do farming and help them get the most out of it. Lets look at some examples of what is there in store.

  1. Farmers in US and developed countries have already begun employing some high tech farming techniques and technologies in order to improve the efficiency of their day-to-day work. For example, sensors placed in fields allow farmers to obtain detailed maps of both the topography and resources in the area, as well as variables such as acidity and temperature of the soil. They can also access climate forecasts to predict weather patterns in the coming days and weeks.
  2. Since water and minerals are very much basic for any irrigation, there has been companies which develop sensors to accurately measure the water stress and mineral content like Farmx
  3. Kaa is open source software that is enabling IOT fetures for smart farming. HERE


  1. If there is huge lands of cultivation then time to time management, topography mapping, seed sowing, irrigating, etc would be a huge pain and lot of farmers lose track of their exact produce and work done. Drones have been used to solve the issue of mass sowing and monitoring with drones communicating with each other drones, exchanging notes are they plant seeds, or spray water or just monitor. DroneSeed company helps to achieve that.


  1. Also to the fact that every year the data regarding cultivation keeps changing and farmers have lot of data from their experience and this data helps in understanding and developing more better solutions, the data analytics too play a vital role. Farmobile does just that.


In India too, the scenario for Iot seems slow but groing. Lets look at some news and info there.

  1. The draft bill is going to give a huge boost to companies. Source.
  2. TCS to help farmers detect crop diseases

Farmers in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab will be able to detect late blight disease in this season’s potato crop through mobile phones, thanks to Tata Consultancy Services. In a pilot project being run by the IT major across a few villages in these states for the past two years, agricultural experts are able to gauge the crop’s susceptibility to disease based on soil and weather (humidity, temperature and rainfall) parameters.
The agri-experts gather the information from a wireless sensor network spread across the farms and are able to determine the disease risk. “Now we will introduce a mobile application that will involve farmers in disease detection,” says Dr Bhushan Jagyasi, a scientist at the TCS Innovation Lab in Mumbai

  1. Tracking crop management

Krishna Kumar, left his job at GE where he worked as a software engineer to set up a start-up, CropIn, which provides software solutions and analytics for crop management. This application tags crops and tracks their development till the harvest. The system, when fed with information pertaining to sowing time and seed type, provides crop development information at various stages of production.

“Whenever the field staff of food processing companies visits any farm they carry a smartphone loaded with the app. They feed crop-related information into the system, which in turn suggests the best practice for growing the respective crop. If temperature dips, for example, the system informs the corporation or the farmer about the safeguards,” says Kumar, who graduated from Bangalore-based MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology. Today, CropIn is used by 40 companies, including Pepsico and Mahindra Agri, and benefits 100,000 farmers across 15 states.

  1. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has developed an android based app which collects real-time information to assess the damage to agricultural crop due to hailstorm. This app aims to allow the farmers to process faster claims to insurance during crop damage by accessing real-time data. It currently applies to rice and cotton crops in the states of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra.

With lot of companies and countries already plunging into the industry, India has its time to jump in early and take the bigger piece of pie since India thrives on agriculture and what better place than India for India to innovate in agro.

Google Tango

Pokemon Go has had a wonderful run by pulling people of all ages into the new concepts of Augmented Reality. What it had done was to map the places according to GPS location of the mobile and throw characters to catch along the map so that users, when moving around with their mobiles were able to get to the places as mentioned on the game.

But Google has launched its new Depth Sensing Project Tango Mobile. The mobile is loaded with sensors and cameras which will use Depth Sensing to bring Augmented Reality to a next level.

Google recently launched Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, the new Google Tango based mobile. The Tango was part of Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects Division (ATAP), which say last year came out with its own set of apps and motion games which are released for depth sensing based mobiles.


can catch a lot of those on the google site:

for Tango Apps  and developer selected demo apps.

Few of the apps created for Tango Augmented Reality which catches the users attention at first is the Measure App. this app enables the mobile to be the Measuring Tape in your house.


Another Game app which looks plays exactly as the Pokemon but with Zombies and uses live video instead of live maps is the Crayola Color Blaster. The game is about Zombies creaping up your space and eating away the colors in your area and you have to blast the zombies with color. The gameplay uses augmented reality and depth sending together so you get the feeling of live scenario gameplay.

I hope they dont nring this to FPS games.. 😛

Apart from these, Tango is proven to provide real time visualized guide and tour in museums and some home improvement projects.

The new wave of VR and AR are bringing in ideas and interfaces which will start to redo all the things we do in a completely different dimension altogether.

if you get hands on with AR and VR let us know more, here.

See ya soon..

Wireless Ahead the Future

There was a time when wires were considered the backbone of  scientific and industrial endeavors. If you had told Thomas Edison that one day wires would be obsolete, he would have thrown you out of his office.

But that is past now. The present, is witnessing a transition, aiming at a future that would be completely wireless.

Even though the term “wireless” have multiple meaning depending upon the context, the actual force-to-reckon in the IT sector had been Wireless Communication.

Wikipedia defines Wireless Communication as:

“The transfer of information or power between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor.”

This definition is as precise as it comes. In simpler words, any form of communication that does not involve wires, would be classified as wireless communication.

So, why do we need wireless communication when wires were working fine? Here’s why:

Cost Effective: Lacking the elaborate scheme of wires, wireless systems come out as quite cheap in comparison.

Convenience: Wireless commination is largely independent of geographical barriers, and can be used without much hassle.

Extensibility: Unlike wired communication, where entire topology might change to accommodate a new node, wireless connections readily add new devices.

Flexibility: The range and bandwidth of signals ensure that wireless communication could be used for a large variety of purposes.


Let’s now take a look at the brief history of becoming wireless.

Crazy as it may sound, the man behind the first known wireless communication prototype, was the same man called the Father of Modern Wired Communication: Alexander Graham Bell. His “photophone” was a device that conducted audio conversations wirelessly over modulated light. However, due to lack of technology, the device could never see the light (pun intended).

The backbone of the evolution in wireless communication had been Radio Waves. With a huge range spanning from a few meters to a million kilometer, radio waves have been used for audio/video transmission, navigation and radar, to name a few.

Apart from radio waves, optical communication, sonic transmission and electromagnetic induction have also been used extensively for wireless communication.


Moving on from history, let us now have a look at the new-age technologies used for wireless communications.



“ZigBee is an IEEE 802.15.4-based specification for a suite of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks with small, low-power digital radios.” -Wikipedia

Standardized in 2004, Zigbee was intended to be a simpler and cheaper alternative to other WPAN technologies, like Bluetooth.

Instead of targeting the everyday consumer, Zigbee has instead found use in Industrial Control, Embedded Sensing, Building Automation etc.

True to it’s objective of being simple and cheap, the Zigbee radio hardware is optimized for inexpensive large-scale production, while the software is designed to be easy to develop on small, inexpensive microprocessors.



“Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices” -Wikipedia

Invented by Ericsson in 1994, Bluetooth was once the most used wireless technology in the cellular market.

Bluetooth is typically used for short-range transmission, even though there is no defined upper limit to the range. It follows the Master-Slave architecture for nodes; however, this also leads to the major drawback of only 8 active devices in a network.

Bluetooth is an authenticated service, because the pin generated has to be verified by all the participants in the connection, thereby minimizing the chances of unauthorized access. That said, Bluetooth is still vulnerable to a variety of network attacks, like Denial-of-Service, Eavesdropping, Man-in-the-middle etc.

The latest version of Bluetooth as of June 2016, was announced to be Bluetooth v5, which would quadruple the range, double the speed, and enable an eight-fold increase in the data broadcasting capacity.

Bluetooth technology has been utilized in a vast arena of applications, including Wireless speaker, Handsfree headsets, Dial-up internet access etc.



A lesser known technology, RF Module is a small electronic device that can transmit and/or receive radio signals between two devices. The medium usually chosen is Radio Frequency,  although optical communication can also be employed.

The major application of RF module is in electronics, where it is embedded into devices, enabling them to receive and transmit signals.

RF Modules, on it’s two basic functionalities, are hence divided into three categories:

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Transreceiver

The application area, though suitable for small-scale applications, range over a large variety, including Vehicle monitoring, Remote Control, Telemetry, Digital Home automation etc.


Wireless Fidelity, or Wi-Fi, is perhaps the most extensively used wireless technology used today. The dream for “a world connected invisibly” is perhaps the unofficial motto or Wi-Fi.

“Wi-Fi is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless LAN (WLAN) network.” -Wikipedia

Even though Wi-Fi is a protocol to connect to WLAN networks, the two terms are almost synonymous today. However, WI-Fi alliance defines Wi-Fi as “any wireless local area network” (WLAN) product based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) 802.11 standards.”

Even though it is less secure than the traditional technologies like Ethernet, Wi-Fi has been a roaring success due to it’s ease of connectivity and availability. As far as security goes, the initial WEP encryption was largely inadequate; however, the WPA and WPA2 protocols have solved the vulnerability problem to an extent.

The area of application of Wi-Fi is huge. From connecting homes to access internet and share data, Wi-Fi can cover whole cities to provide a uniform transmission capability. Most campuses and offices today are Wi-Fi enabled, making it the only wireless technology to have such extensive accessibility.


Being truly wireless, like being truly automated, is perhaps one of the vital objectives of our digital progress. And if the current pace is any indication, we might achieve it soon enough.

Ecommerce OctoberFest

Who doesnt love to shop online? And that too when it is festive season in India in the month of October, We have the Navratri, Dussehra and Deepavali. With all the big and grand festivals happening in October, the streets will be filled with people thronging to shops buying a lot of things.


The Ecommerce is not left behind in attracting people to buy online and in October, the Ecommerce biggies are into some serious market wars. Let me tell how it is, Lets look at the offerings in ads by the big players in the Ecommerce Industry.

Flipkart, the startup-grown-into-company has launched its BIG BILLION SALE on the first week of October.

“Flipkart’s always catchy ad with young people acting as grown adults”.

Myntra has also joined in with the BBD sale with Flipkart so the fashion and apparel shopping also gets huge discounts, and of course the festival season is incomplete without apparel shopping.

Now in the previous years too, the BIG BIILION sales have been good and bad for the company. It has put the company on the high that it took so much courage to go on sales with such high discounts on almost all products, but it also put it down since the sites remained down or slow or “Out of Stock”. Since then the BIG BILLION sales is always a mixed feeling for FLIPKART.

Amazon, the MNC which is in India for more than 3 years and is directly locking horns with Flipkart on its hyperlocal market position, has come up with his own version of the sales for the month of October. , the parent company has been pumping in money for and its sure fighting its way to claim the market leader position.

Snapdeal , the other ecommerce player in the market, which also teams up with Flipkart in the fight for supremacy, has turned up for the october fest by launching its own october sale.

Snapdeal, with his new looks and avatar and new ads, is launching himself along with this Diwali SALE. The UNBOX DIWALI SALE is aiming at getting more space for snapdeal as i see it is locking horns with the big players but is trying to get more piece of the cake.


Not left back, the company whose ads i see very less on TV has started coming up. has started using some new ads which are aimed at Diwali Shopping, but hasnt yet announced any big discounts or sales week or something, but it sure seems to spice up the existing festive season.

This October Fest in Ecommerce shopping in India is sure to get lot of Discounts in new shopping crowd. Also for the part of the companies, this festive season is critically important since, this is the time when almost the whole of India goes into shopping mode and there is a chance of making profits even after providing heavy discounts in products. The companies in this market at reeling under heavy losses and the companies pretty much are exhausting their investors fund, so any small sale high or any small mistake can make or break the company’s reputation in this market.

Lets wait and see if we get to see more Ecommerce platforms entering this OctoberFest and getting their piece of pie. Meanwhile all I am doing is lookng at all these websites and building up my shopping list for the festival.


Happy Navratri and Happy Deepavali.

Five Games Expected this year end

Everyone wants a little thrill in life, an escapism that might take us away from our monotonous lives and pump up our adrenaline levels. But not everyone can go for climbing the Everest or feeling the beats at Tomorrowland. So for the rest of us, Games are our life force.

Like always, companies are working relentlessly for providing us with the best ever games. The competition is bigger than ever. With games like World of Warcraft: Legion, Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls III already rocking the market, consumer expectations are now higher than ever. Everyone wants the year to end with a bang. And it looks like, they won’t be disappointed.

Here are the 5 upcoming games this year that might leave your game soul satisfied:



Ever since Titanfall rocked the market back in 2014, the sequel has been a highly anticipated one. Coming from the makers of Call of Duty, Titanfall 2 boasts of all the thrill of its predecessor, while fixing the problems of single-player mode.
Already hailed as “the most anticipated game” of 2016, Titanfall 2 has bagged Games Critics Awards as the Best Online Multiplayer game.

The official trailer video:


Even though the  beta release faced backlash, amends were quick to be made, and the game is all set to face the D-Day.

New features:

  • Single player story campaign mode
  • Size new Titan Models
  • Improved skill system
  • Multi-Platform


Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Publisher: EA

Engine: Source

Platform: Playstation 4/ Xbox One/ MS Windows

Release Date: October 28, 2016

  • FIFA 17

One of the most popular franchise in the Gaming world, FIFA is back with it’s latest edition, and we are only sure that it will be as awesome.  The graphics sure as hell are going to be amazing, given that FIFA is using the Frostbite engine formerly used by high-end games like Battlefield.

Add that to the existing popularity of the game, and we have the recipe of record-breaking sales.

New Features:

  • Single-player campaign mode, called The Journey
  • Frostibite Engine that guarantees high-end graphics
  • J1 League and J.League Cup introduced for the first time
  • Pushback Technology introduced, increasing physical play overhaul

Developer:  EA Canada

Publisher: EA Sports

Engine: Frostbite

Platforms: Android/ iOS/ Xbox One/Xbox 360/Playstation 3/Playstation 4/MS Windows

Release Date: September 29, 2016

3)Dishonored 2

Sequel to the 2012 stealth action-adventure game Dishonored, which was a surprise success on it’s own accord, Dishonored 2 has raised the bar of expectation from it. It’s appearance at E3 2016 gained accolades, getting nominated for the “Game of the Show” alongside various other categories.

The game is dark and gritty, and thus is desperately awaited by the cult of “serious” gamers.

New features:

  • Introduction of Emily Kaldwin, the new female protagonist.
  • Non-lethal combat moves
  • Increased difficulty level compared to it’s predecessor.

“A mad game by mad minds”

-Lucy O’Brien, IGN

Developer:  Arkane Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Platforms: MS Windows/ PlayStation 4/Xbox One

Release Date: November  11, 2016



4)Mafia III

The upcoming open-world action-adventure video game, Mafia III is the debut for developer Hangar 13 for the Mafia series. Set in 1960s in the fictional recreation of New Orleans, the game promises deep insights into the crime world of the 60s. Many have hailed it to have the potential to be one of the best games on 2016.

“Mafia III is more than a crime spree” –Brandin Tyrrel, IGN

Developer: Hangar 13

Publisher: 2K Games

Platforms: MS Windows/OS X/ PlayStation 4/Xbox One

Release Date: October 7, 2016

5)Battlefield 1

Despite it’s name, the 14th installation in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1 has most of us waiting desperately, largely due to the fresh backdrop of the plot. Ever since it’s trailer went viral on YouTube, there are speculations that it can be the most successful Battlefield game ever. The fact that it won the Game Critics Award for Best Action Game only strengthens that claim.

New Features:

  • World War I setup, a refreshing move from all the alien-based action games.
  • Eight Distinct Classes of Soldiers and weaponry.
  • More pronounced Open World Sandbox Environment.

Developer: EA DICE

Publisher: EA

Engine: Frostbite

Platforms: MS Windows/ Play Station 4/ Xbox One

Release Date: October 21, 2016



But that’s not it. Two of the most anticipated games are opening  this week, and the critics have already embraced them with arms wide open.

Forza Horizon 3:

The open-world expansion of the Forza series, Forza Horizon 3 provides an exquisite map of Australia, one of the largest ever, at the same time breaking all it’s previous records by including 350 cars in the gameplay.

Forza Horizon has currently taken the gamer world by storm, becoming the strong contender of the “Game of the Year” title.

“Rewriting the Aussie map to create something special” –CNET

“It’s a good dynamic, one that has worked expertly for three games.” –Brett Makedonski, Destructoid

Developer: Playground Games

Platforms: MS Windows/ Xbox One

Publisher: Microsoft Studios



Metacritic: 91/100

Destructoid:  9/10


The turn-based tactics game, XCOM 2 is the sequel of the 2012 XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  The new concealment system along with the procedural generation of maps, has been appreciated by the critics. This one is another option for the “Game of the Year” title.

“A truly remarkable strategy game” –Telegraph

“An amazing game I’ll easily put hundreds of hours into”  -Dan Stapleton, IGN

Developer: Firaxis Games

Publisher: 2K Games

Platform: MS Windows/ OS X/Linux/PlayStation 4/Xbox One


IGN: 9.3/10

Metacritic: 88/100

PC Gamer: 94/100

With such amazing title, along with games like Legend of Zelda and God of War lined up for next year. your gamer-soul is guaranteed to be receiving it’s satiation in the months to come.

Virtual Reality-The Future

We live in a world that, maybe fortunately, is lazy enough. We want to have a lot of experiences, but not the hard work that they entail. And this is how technology has progressed over the past
centuries. In the latest edition of such human endeavors bound by laziness, someone wanted to experience new horizons, without visiting them: And there came in, Virtual Reality.
Virtual Reality is a computer technology that uses software-generated realistic images, sounds and other sensations to replicate a real or artificial environment.

Sounds cool, eh? That’s precisely what it is.
There is a huge amount of blissful scenarios the world has to offer, and even more that can be perceived by human imagination. VR brings those dreams to reality. You can stand at the top of
Everest, or on the surface of Mars, all from the comforts of your couch. A VR experience, in general, should include:

-Three-dimensional images that appear to be life-sized from the perspective of the user.
-The ability to track a user’s motions, particularly his head and eye movements, and correspondingly adjusts the images on the user’s display to reflect the change in perspective.

The biggest player in the market right now, is undoubtedly Oculus Rift. With constant upgradations that are in pace with consumer expectations, the Rift has started to create a big consumer market for VR enthusiasts. This market was further expanded by the advent of Google Cardboard.

Many VR enthusiasts have argued, that Google Cardboard is not a “true” VR, with it’s 360-degree video “only the tip of the iceberg” that VR actually is. However, Google Cardboard has done what it aimed to: It introduced everyone to the VR tech, converting the VR community from a cult to huge consumer base. And this is why Google Cardboard is as crucial -if not more- as Oculus Rift, for the future of Virtual Reality.
As the demand grew, other giants have started to jump in the VR market, most notably Samsung Gear, HTC Vive and Playstation VR.
In the world of Technology, you can never guess what might be the intended use of a technology, and Virtual Reality is no exception. What started as a research project for simulating realenvironment,
is now finding it’s way into earlier unfathomable arenas.

Gaming Industry was one of the earliest one to adopt VR, and we could not be thankful enough to them. As far as technology is concerned, Gamers want to be ahead of the curve. So to nobody’s
surprise, VR scored big-time with Gaming enthusiasts. Oculus Rift, the biggest player in the VR Arena right now, kick started this campaign with it’s head mounted gear that would enable users
to play games in a virtual environment. Though still largely under construction, games are now being developed to be VR-compatible, while more VR-devices are being constructed that can
work well with third-party games. Playstation is not far behind, with it’s Playstation 4 Pro boasting of amazing VR effects.

But Gaming is not the only field VR has been establishing itself. It’s tentacles are far-reaching, touching every aspect of our daily lives. Following are some breakthroughs we will witness in the
Life is dull, if not without some entertainment. From plays to radios to Television, we have come a long way. But this sure is not the destination. Live Streaming, 3D-TV sets, these are the technologies we are already used to now. The everhungry consumer wants something even more latest and thrilling; and VR is supposedly the
answer to that.
There has been no definite launch, per say, but efforts are being made to merge your household TV sets and the VR tech (Imagine that, Game of Thrones fans!). But the advancements are not
just limited for the couch-potatoes. The Galactica roller coaster in Alton Towers, UK, promises to provide a true VR experience added to the existing thrill of roller-coasting (Take my money,

Health and Medicine::
What good is a technology if it doesn’t help where it matters? Apparently, it does. In the medical world, a surgery can go as complicated as you can imagine, and a little mistake can push a life
towards death. Virtual Reality has come as a very handy aid in such cases. Recently in a Children’s hospital in Miami, Dr. Redmond Burke carried out a very complex surgery by using the VR to visualize the whole process. And not just the matters of life and death, VR is actually useful in maintaining your health, too.
The new game “Omni” by Virtuix apparently needs the players to move around not just in the virtual world, but in the real-world too. Morning walks are fun again.

Education Industry::
Talking about using tech where it matters, education industry is the next stop. Google Expeditions enables students to explore new places in the comforts of the classrooms, making field trips even better.

SpaceVR is another great product, enabling any person to experience the intricacies of space. Your child’s dream to be an astronaut is one step easier. And many more…
Virtual Reality has been hailed as the Next Big Thing for the everyday consumers, and we completely agree with that. With rapid advancements in the VR tech, eager participation of big
companies and enthusiasm from consumers, Virtual Reality gadgets are sure going to be as common as our smartphones, and THAT would definitely be a futuristic world

Crazy Alternate Fuels for your Car

In the age of Hybrid vehicles, the concept of having any thing as fuel to run a vehicle is slowly catching up with researchers. Cars which run on electricity and fossil fuel has given way to new ideas for fuels and the combination of it to provide eco-friendly vehicles.

Apart from cars manufactured by Toyota and Tesla, there are few which may catch your attention


Behold the New Hybrid Car that runs of Saltwater- Yes , you heard it right. The German car Quant E-Sport Limousine, is a very stylish sporty racer which works on the NanoFlowCell drive and energy concept. This new fuelcell is a prototype and the car has been made legal in Germany after undergoing various tests.

The car has been clocking very high speeds in 0-3 seconds. This car is doing very good for its hybrid engine category. Apart from the eco-fuel used, the car sports all the looks and specs required for a sports car. Worth waiting to watch its performance on the road.


“Using an F3 race car as a real world example has pushed previously unconsidered materials into the demanding motorsport arena, and they are performing as well as more traditional materials such as carbon fibre. The talk will focus on the technical challenges that were overcome to build the car and will take guests through the design process from the very beginning.”

From the site of Warwick University, the research team have been making a Sport F3 car totally out of vegetables- body made of potatoes, steering made of carrots and runs of vegetable oil.

Seriously this one has gone miles ahead in being eco friendly apart from the fact that we need to produce more food if this goes into production.


Using an already made hybrid car which runs of gasoline and modifying it to use algae as fuel.

The Algaeus or the hybrid Prius which is made to run on Algae was used across a Pan America travel by the VeggieVan Foundation. the researchers are closely working on it to provide a suitable solution towards making it a mass production reality.


Apart from these there have been lot of instances wherein the students in various colleges have been working on incredible new fuel based hybrid vehicles.

One famous one is the NUNA. The students of Delft University started designing solar race cars in 2001 and had been doing since then.

Also, a team of students from RV Institutions, Bangalore have developed Chimera, a hybrid vehicle.

It does look like the future is paving way for different fuels and moreover we may achieve 100 % reusability of waste and non conventional energy sources.


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Good Mobile Apps and Games

Lot of games in the market and it is tough to choose which ones to go for. Some are heavy graphic consuming battery consuming and some are just our brain consuming. Lets look at some addictive games which we can have in our mobile and can be played without much hazzles.

The Games in this category, i would go with MEKORAMA– a 3D puzzling game.
The game is so subtle and is mind boggling that it is easy to get addicted to it. The UX and UI are very pleasant and it has 50 cards or levels of puzzles and the best part is, it also provides for creating our own mazes. Each maze opens up when the previous one is completed and the mazes are from simple to time taking.

The game can be made endless by user created QR codes. The game is available for iOS and Android and i feel this is a must have for any average mobile gamer to even a working professional who can take a break in between the busy work by playing this puzzling game.

Next game i see which is so small and efficient on my mobile is Ball Jump. The game is simple – stop the ball from falling down.. keep jumping at the correct time to avoid the ball from falling.
Developed By Ketchapp, the game is so simple and addictive that we end up spending more time on it without realizing it.

Helps in working out my reflexes as the game keep getting pace once we move to higher points. Useful for average low memory mobile phone gamers.

Third on this list is Missiles-

Missiles also is so simple and feels good to avoid missiles from attacking. Gets really addictive. The UX gives a kiddish feel and it reminds of few old games played on the same category.. Good UX and simple keys for movement gives a huge advantage for this game.

Last in this list is age old (I think i can say this!) various versions of Angry Birds.
Angry Birds have been there and have revolutionized mobile gaming years together. Angry Birds have great UX and the experience is rich that new games are developed keeping this game as case study. So thats why this game requires a mention in the list of games that can get even non gamers into addiction mode.

More on this list…watch out..

meanwhile … Game On!

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The New Age of Custom Design

Always, when you buy a product, you would have liked a lot of features in it but there might some small changes that you may like like a color change or spec change to make it the complete gadget you ever wanted. But since it is a product bought on the store, we cannot have those changes and we end up living with that unsatisfied custom change.
Well, now companies are realizing that and they are providing customers with the custom design approach to their products.

The first one to be successful in this is Nike, which allowd to custom design the shoes.
Nike had launched it some time back and it had gained wide traction among its consumers who got to change the color or shoe lace, etc for a small up-price.

Motorola had launched a similar web app wherein we can change or modify specs of the phone. Moto Maker is their web app which helps to customize mobiles and smart watches of motorola based on the color, memory, front and back looks, etc.

Now new in this custom design is XBOX with its new Xbox Design labs.

Now, Xbox controllers were being custom made by few sites like Evil and few others who modded the controllers and provided whacky design and color to the controllers. Now Microsoft has decided to add its own version where customers can now modify colors of its GamePad, buttons, front and back.


Compared to other custom mades, this one is only looking at color and graphic looks with an up price of 20$ extra per controller. Shipping is scheduled to be from September this year.

I expect Microsoft to work more on the console too other than the controller. BTW, I myself have a custom made CALL OF DUTY graphic designed original XBox One 1Tb console. the console also has the Advanced Warfare graphic which was well received. This meanwhile is a good step in reaching out to consumers for the design and experience.

More about games coming soon… Meanwhile Game On!!

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