Crazy Alternate Fuels for your Car

In the age of Hybrid vehicles, the concept of having any thing as fuel to run a vehicle is slowly catching up with researchers. Cars which run on electricity and fossil fuel has given way to new ideas for fuels and the combination of it to provide eco-friendly vehicles.

Apart from cars manufactured by Toyota and Tesla, there are few which may catch your attention


Behold the New Hybrid Car that runs of Saltwater- Yes , you heard it right. The German car Quant E-Sport Limousine, is a very stylish sporty racer which works on the NanoFlowCell drive and energy concept. This new fuelcell is a prototype and the car has been made legal in Germany after undergoing various tests.

The car has been clocking very high speeds in 0-3 seconds. This car is doing very good for its hybrid engine category. Apart from the eco-fuel used, the car sports all the looks and specs required for a sports car. Worth waiting to watch its performance on the road.


“Using an F3 race car as a real world example has pushed previously unconsidered materials into the demanding motorsport arena, and they are performing as well as more traditional materials such as carbon fibre. The talk will focus on the technical challenges that were overcome to build the car and will take guests through the design process from the very beginning.”

From the site of Warwick University, the research team have been making a Sport F3 car totally out of vegetables- body made of potatoes, steering made of carrots and runs of vegetable oil.

Seriously this one has gone miles ahead in being eco friendly apart from the fact that we need to produce more food if this goes into production.


Using an already made hybrid car which runs of gasoline and modifying it to use algae as fuel.

The Algaeus or the hybrid Prius which is made to run on Algae was used across a Pan America travel by the VeggieVan Foundation. the researchers are closely working on it to provide a suitable solution towards making it a mass production reality.


Apart from these there have been lot of instances wherein the students in various colleges have been working on incredible new fuel based hybrid vehicles.

One famous one is the NUNA. The students of Delft University started designing solar race cars in 2001 and had been doing since then.

Also, a team of students from RV Institutions, Bangalore have developed Chimera, a hybrid vehicle.

It does look like the future is paving way for different fuels and moreover we may achieve 100 % reusability of waste and non conventional energy sources.


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