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Who doesnt love to shop online? And that too when it is festive season in India in the month of October, We have the Navratri, Dussehra and Deepavali. With all the big and grand festivals happening in October, the streets will be filled with people thronging to shops buying a lot of things.


The Ecommerce is not left behind in attracting people to buy online and in October, the Ecommerce biggies are into some serious market wars. Let me tell how it is, Lets look at the offerings in ads by the big players in the Ecommerce Industry.

Flipkart, the startup-grown-into-company has launched its BIG BILLION SALE on the first week of October.

“Flipkart’s always catchy ad with young people acting as grown adults”.

Myntra has also joined in with the BBD sale with Flipkart so the fashion and apparel shopping also gets huge discounts, and of course the festival season is incomplete without apparel shopping.

Now in the previous years too, the BIG BIILION sales have been good and bad for the company. It has put the company on the high that it took so much courage to go on sales with such high discounts on almost all products, but it also put it down since the sites remained down or slow or “Out of Stock”. Since then the BIG BILLION sales is always a mixed feeling for FLIPKART.

Amazon, the MNC which is in India for more than 3 years and is directly locking horns with Flipkart on its hyperlocal market position, has come up with his own version of the sales for the month of October. , the parent company has been pumping in money for and its sure fighting its way to claim the market leader position.

Snapdeal , the other ecommerce player in the market, which also teams up with Flipkart in the fight for supremacy, has turned up for the october fest by launching its own october sale.

Snapdeal, with his new looks and avatar and new ads, is launching himself along with this Diwali SALE. The UNBOX DIWALI SALE is aiming at getting more space for snapdeal as i see it is locking horns with the big players but is trying to get more piece of the cake.


Not left back, the company whose ads i see very less on TV has started coming up. has started using some new ads which are aimed at Diwali Shopping, but hasnt yet announced any big discounts or sales week or something, but it sure seems to spice up the existing festive season.

This October Fest in Ecommerce shopping in India is sure to get lot of Discounts in new shopping crowd. Also for the part of the companies, this festive season is critically important since, this is the time when almost the whole of India goes into shopping mode and there is a chance of making profits even after providing heavy discounts in products. The companies in this market at reeling under heavy losses and the companies pretty much are exhausting their investors fund, so any small sale high or any small mistake can make or break the company’s reputation in this market.

Lets wait and see if we get to see more Ecommerce platforms entering this OctoberFest and getting their piece of pie. Meanwhile all I am doing is lookng at all these websites and building up my shopping list for the festival.


Happy Navratri and Happy Deepavali.

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